Hi everyone that might be reading out there!

This is the first entry of a new blog that I am going to write.  The idea just came maybe less than an hour ago.  You have to love wordpress.com for the ability to quickly set up a site like this so that one can get their thoughts out to the world.

Do to the nature of my current circumstances, however, I don’t plan to make my identity public.  This job is about the fight to find employment from the job hunter’s side.  You might think that you hear that side a lot but you might be surprised at how little you actually know.  In 2011, even with a poor economy and the lack of job growth, it is almost universally assumed that when one can not find a job it is the fault of the job applicant.  As a job hunter you can always get better at what you do, but I think the idea that it is ONLY the fault of those looking for employment is patently false.

There are books already written on this subject (that I hope to mention in future posts) but,  in light of recent events in my life and in the world, this point has hit home with me in a major way over the past few weeks.  Just last week were the London “riots” (notice the quotes, calling it a riot might be too much when there is no political motivation) and the most common comment over the week was “those yobs should get a job.”  What if there are no jobs to be had?  What if those yobs has the skills but no one will give them a chance because their CV isn’t spotless?  What if job interviewers simply didn’t like the look of them?

There are serious problems today in job hunting and they don’t have only to do with people with “no skills.”  They have to do with Human Resources people playing games.  They have to do with constant assumptions that are made constantly.  They also have to do with a society that increasingly doesn’t value anyone but the “executive class.”  Hopefully I can make some of the views I have on this clear here.

Today, however, that is probably as eloquent as I can get.  I am in despair.  Despite years of good work and dozens of projects completed well I sit trying to get someone to simply look at me as a person and give me a chance.  Also, in a world that requires that you be a networker I am a shy (well, not really shy actually, I have diagnosed Social Anxiety Disorder) person that hasn’t gained a lot of contacts.  However this is just one of the many issues.  As I have said, finding jobs is problems on both sides of the hiring table, and I will never assert I am perfect.  As a matter of fact, H.R. persons looking for the “perfect” person is one of the most significant problems we all face.