This blog is intended to be a chronicle of my struggles to find work and/or start my own business.  Do the the nature of some of the things I intend to write about job hunting I don’t intend to identify myself.  If you have looked for work any time during the last 10 years you probably already know how just about anything you write (on your resume and otherwise) can be twisted and used as an excuse to not hire you.  One of the subjects I intend to tackle is how, no matter what the situation, the job seeker is blamed for the inability to find a job.  There is a huge industry that is based on cultivating that belief.  This is a false assumption that is ingrained into society at this point of the early 22nd century.

People make bad choices all the time that hurt them in terms of employment, but this by no means is the full story when it comes to find jobs today.  There is also quite a bit of bad practice and bad assumptions that are in place when it comes to hiring.  I hope that I can bring these out in the open and maybe increase public awareness by a just a little smidgeon.  We currently live in a society that is dominated by corporate thinking.  It is so prominent that most people don’t even question it.  It’s like the thinking around racial bias (which was just 2 or so generations ago and isn’t even completely gone yet) or slavery in the early U.S.  It’s not questioned and when it was questioned it caused outrage.  Well, my friends, it’s time to question the thinking that has gotten us to this point.